Booking Rules:

  • Deposit required for ALL appts. Deposit is NONREFUNDABLE if you reschedule in less than 24 hours

  • Same day booking deposits are NONREFUNDABLE

  • If you do not show up or do not call to cancel or reschedule, your deposit is NONREFUNDABLE and you will not be booked again.

  • If your energy feels sketchy or questionable, I will not book you. My priority is comfort in every session. That comfort applies to me as well. If I am not comfortable, the session will not flow as it should.

  • If I feel that your intentions are sexual, I Will not book you. And, as a professional, I have the right to cancel the appointment at any time for my own safety and comfort. Deposit will not be refunded.

Check Your Intentions:

Energy doesn't lie. My massages are intuitive because I Am Intuitive.


If your energy feels off , I will not book/rebook you.


If your energy feels off during a session, for safety and professional reasons, I have the right to end the session at any time.


This would be along the lines of any version of disrespect or sexual suggestions.

Charlotte, NC 

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